Via dei Balconi - facing south
Via dei Balconi – facing south (Image: Jeff Veitch)

I am a PhD student in Classics and Archaeological Studies, studying Roman urbanism and ancient religions through acoustics at University of Kent. Prior to starting my PhD, I took an MA in Biblical Studies at the Graduate Theological Union and an MA in Classical Art and Archaeology at King’s College, London and a BA in Religious Studies with a minor in Music from University of California, Chico.

My project uses acoustics and architecture to explore the ways Ostia Antica was experienced and perceived by residents and visitors. I draw on contemporary studies of sounds, soundscapes, as well as urban and spatial analyses along with traditional archaeological and ancient history methods in answering these questions.

This blog is mostly a space for updates to my work and similar projects on historical sound studies and sensory experience in antiquity. I was part of the organising team that launched Sensory Studies in Antquity, an academic network and website promoting sensory studies in the diverse fields studying the ancient world.

Google Scholar Profile: here.
ORCID:  ORCID iD iconorcid.org/0000-0002-0287-7493

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