Lefebvre Update

Regular readers will know that I have an ongoing series on Henri Lefebvre’s use of the ancient city and Roman spaces in his writings. I have not posted a reading in some time, as I have been busy with presentations, writing deadlines and, a much needed, vacation. While on vacation last week, I picked up a couple of books, as well as ordering a few copies, that all pertain to this work. I ordered copies of The Sociology of Marx (1966) and The Explosion: Marxism and the French Upheaval (1968), both 1969 publications in English translation, and on vacation, I picked up Introduction to Modernity (1962). I have read all of these, but did not have my own copies. I found Lukasz Stanek’s Henri Lefebvre on Space, which I did not expect to find.

I am writing my next post on a series of publications from 1968, which is traditionally the start of Lefebvre’s main decade of writing on urbanism. Some of the previous posts argue against this traditional reading, as does the Seventh Prelude in Introduction to Modernity is ‘Notes on the New Town’ and Metaphilosophy (1965) lays out a history of the city.  However, 1968 does see increase in publications on specific topics relating to urbanism and leads towards Lefebvre’s theory of the production of space. As I have some writing deadlines quickly approaching, the post is not top of the priorty list.

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