Current Reading

Current Reading

Since it’s a bank holiday weekend and I’m spending my time catching up on work I need to get done, I thought I would quickly post on my current reading, as all of it pertains to non-classics topics right now. Most of this reading pertains to my methodology and intro chapter. So, here we go:

Urban Studies: I picked up Henri Lefebvre’s Toward An Architecture of Enjoyment, edited by Stanek (2014) and de Certeau’s The Practice of Everyday Life, translated by Rendall (1984). Both of these theorists are at the centre of my approach to urbanism, spatial theory and everyday life. It was good to revisit de Certeau’s work, as well as read the recent publication of a book Lefebvre wrote in 1973. Lefebvre’s Architecture of Enjoyment is a great reminder of some of the points Lefebvre develops in Production of Space (published the year after Architecture of Enjoyment). It is interesting to see certain ideas fully developed in Architecture of Enjoyment, that are not as clearly argued in Production of Space.

Sound Studies: Don Idhe (2007, 2nd ed.) Listening and Voice: Phenomenologies of Sound; Barry Truax (2001, 2nd ed.) Acoustic Communication; Brandon Labelle (2010) Acoustic Territories: Sound Culture and Everyday Life; Jacques Attali (2009, originally published in 1977) Noise: The Political Economy of Music; Robert Jütte (2005) A History of the Senses: From Antiquity to Cyberspace; and Matthew Gandy, BJ Nilsen (eds.) (2014) The Acoustic City. Still working my way through these…

I also picked up a new camera! I had a Nikon D60 from 2005-6 that had traveled with me to Africa (several times), Europe, and all over North America. It was a great camera and I loved using it. However, it has been slowly acting up (the auto focus was noticeably slow and not able to focus) and it was getting harder and harder to use. I looked around at a couple different compact DSLRs and CSC cameras and went with the Canon EOS M (the 3M should be out soon so, got a great deal on the old model). Its small, like a point and shot, but has changeable lenses and many of the DSLR functions. I’m excited to test it out this week, as I’ll be headed to Canterbury Cathedral for a Spatial Humanities workshop Tuesday and Wednesday. For now, it’s back to the books.

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